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Integrating disenfranchised communities and empowering them to contribute fully for the sustainable development of Nepal.

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Sano Paila is a development-oriented non-profit that seeks to provide opportunities to improve economic, social, and health conditions, thereby reducing poverty and injustice in Nepal. Committed to redefining the development sector, Sano Palia takes a bottom-up approach to inclusive and sustainable community development. A diverse range of programs that tackle a number of complex issues (issues often ignored by the government, private sector, and state security system) are offered. Each of the programs has local reach, breadth and ownership targeted to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities. The organization focuses on areas that span from youth empowerment, drug rehabilitation, to crime prevention and reformation, anti-trafficking and child protection, health improvement, access to education, peace-building, livelihood enhancement, and crisis response. They have designed and implemented programs through an extensive network of local, national, and international development partners, NGOs, and government agencies. Sano Palia has a track record of diagnosing the most complex problems at the grassroots level, conceiving innovative models to solve those problems, and effectively implementing programs by employing diverse and inclusive implementation teams.

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Birgunj, Nepal
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