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Cambodian non-profit arts school supporting youth through artistic & educational programs

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Phare Ponleu Selpak is a Cambodian non-profit arts school located in Battambang, offering support to children, youth and the surrounding communities through artistic, educational and social support programmes.

Phare Phare Ponleu Selpak was founded more than a quarter of a century ago, by nine Cambodians, who grew up in a refugee camp after surviving the genocide of the Khmer Rouge, and their French arts teacher. Resilience and hope has been in Phare’s DNA from the very beginning, and from a simple arts school it blossomed into the multi-faceted creative hub it is today.

Phare educates and trains thousands of children and youth who come from challenging backgrounds. Most receive a mainstream education which helps them thrive as adults, but others become artists, performers and musicians who keep Cambodias creative culture alive after its almost total destruction by the Khmer Rouge. We offer them social support, education and arts programs so they can build their future and support their families through creative careers.

Over the years they have sought not to rely on handouts for our work and reached 60% financial self-sustainability through ticket sales to our celebrated and famous circus. Unfortunately, COVID meant the closure of all performances in 2020 and left us with a dramatic shortfall until tourism can resume as normal. Huge sacrifices have been made within Phare before asking the public to help with this emergency. Program costs have been cut to the bone and staff have all voluntarily taken pay cuts of 20% or more. Yet we still face a $250.000 shortfall for 2021. If they cannot meet this, they will be forced to close some of their life-changing programs. Phare is hoping you will help them weather this storm.

With the upcoming fundraising event on March 6 & 7 March 2021, you can support us by participating our thrilling virtual gala and record-breaking Longest Circus Performance Ever on March 7th 2021.

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