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The OGDM - foundation was founded with the mission to ‘help children and refugees from war territories’ in Ukraine.

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The vision is to become a global advisory that can tackle crises emerging globally. We began on the first day of the Ukraine invasion as a group of friends with a mission to organise transportation and accommodation for people crossing the border and sending large amounts of humanitarian supplies into Ukraine.

In four weeks time we have grown into an NGO (international non-profit) of over 1,200 volunteers providing various services:

1. Free transports of people from the Polish borders and Ukraine
For 77,000 Ukrainians from the border
Rescued over 8,300 people from Ukraine

2. Finding flats for refugees in Poland
Secured over 3,000 flats all over Poland
Linked 12,000 people offering their flats

3. Cargo of accredited supplies
Tens of tons shipped via trucks, busses and cars:
- Food & Water
- Clothing
- Basic need products from children

4. Operational improvement of border crossing and reception points
Set up two (Warsaw and Gdańsk) 24/7 coordination centres to match the request between drivers and border crossings
Built dedicated software to improve the operations at the reception point in Hrubieszów
Trained local champions to achieve greater results and, more important, comfort of the people arriving to Hrubieszów

5. Accredited medical equipement
Ns bolus, Nicardipine, Kenalog, Naloxone, IV Dopamine, Sodium bicarbonate, IV ciprofloxacin, IV levofloxacin, IV acetaminophen, Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Vasopressin, Lovenox, Adenosine, Heparin

6. Global Partnership
OGDM cooperates with international NGOs, corporates and volunteers in order to maximise the humanitarian aid impact with an initial objective - SAVING 100,000 kids

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