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North Star's mission is to center wisdom in the psychedelic industry to guide the needed transformation of business as a whole.

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In the next few years we have a unique opportunity to shape how psychedelics safely integrate into society at large. Research continues to demonstrate the viability and efficacy of psychedelic medicine. North Star serves the psychedelic companies committed to building transformational businesses shaped by psychedelic wisdom, and inspiring others to raise their sights as well.

Psychedelics have always been disproportionately influential on society. Psychedelic business will be too. Help build the models that will change business forever.

Within the North Star community, we have the ability to operationalize a values-based ecosystem. Collective visioning, cross-industry coordination, and capacity building will be essential. North Star is well positioned to facilitate the growth of a multi-stakeholder professional community who will steward, advocate and implement structures and standards for ethical business practice within the psychedelic ecosystem.

North Star is fundraising to build a team who can design and implement the vision.
We are seeking to hire the following positions -
- Content & Education Manager to increase visibility, grow awareness, and educate stakeholder groups in purpose driven business literacy.
- Pledge Community Director to increase community engagement and expand commitment from corporations and institutions.
- Expert Facilitators for designing visioning activities and facilitating embodied leadership activities.
- Systems Manager to manage stakeholder organizing platforms.

With a lean annual operating budget we can demonstrate multi-stakeholder coordination across the emerging ecosystem to safely scale psychedelic healing.

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