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The Karen Hilltribes Trust (KHT)

We support marginalised indigenous Karen communities living in Thailand, through projects in water, livelihoods, and education.

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Indigenous Karen communities have been marginalised from Thailand’s development gains. Average daily income is just per 50 cents per person, and the enrolment of Karen children in primary education is 51%, compared to the national average at 89%. Rural communities rely on subsistence agriculture, with most families suffering from food shortages at least five times a month.

One of the few NGOs working in the area, since 1986 KHT have been working to improve the lives of Karen communities in a holistic and sustainable manner. We provide:
- water systems and latrines to give clean water;
- work with farmers to install irrigation systems to boost farming income and cut hunger rates; and
- run access to education projects to ensure Karen children can realise their potential.

The projects are run in a complimentary and coordinated way to ensure immediate (health), medium (incomes), and long term (education) assistance is provided.

We're proud of our impact to date. With our donors' support we have:
- installed 212 clean water systems and 3,150 latrines for 55,643 Karen people;
- installed irrigation systems to support subsistence agriculture in 94 communities, boosting income for 18,901 households;
- provided safe access to education for 17,693 children and young adults, through school transport, school meals, and higher-education scholarships.

KHT are deeply embedded into the local community, with the majority of staff Thai Karen and based in the area. A small organisation, a meaningful donation can help hundreds or even thousands in an impactful way, in a part of the world where they’re too often forgotten.

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