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The Jungle Bay Early Childhood Development Centre (pre-school) will offer youth in Dominica essential learning opportunities.

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Jungle Bay, Dominica is an award-winning ecoresort committed to community development. Our latest project is the Jungle Bay Early Childhood Development Centre, which is a pre-school to serve the villages of Soufriere, Scotts Head and Galion. The original school was damaged in a hurricane. Your donation is important to the development of these youth on the island who are currently using the basement of a church and do not have access to a playground or proper learning space and opportunities.

Past projects include:
Our Sustainability Efforts
Jungle Bay maintains a significant commitment to sustainable tourism in Dominica. Everything from the resort’s design to operations is considered in line with responsible tourism and environmental awareness. We strive to manage waste, energy use, and other techniques to ensure limited disturbance of the ecosystem and reduce environmental and social impacts in all areas through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

We are certified at the highest level for sustainable tourism and quality standards with Dominica’s Nature Island Standards of Excellence (NISE). We reduce our carbon footprint, are active in biodiversity conservation, and work to be good stewards of the environment.

Jungle Bay purchases food from organic farmers and fisheries to support the local economy. We also work to spread the word about the preservation of our local heritage, most notably, lime juice processing at Morne Acouma and traditional stone masonry.

Experiential travel is the foundation of the Jungle Bay experience. All staff members are guides and trained in responsible travel with an eye toward protecting the fragile ecosystem, while sharing the wonders of nature and what can be enjoyed here.

The Jungle Bay Community Fund consists of donations from guests, staff who generously give 10% of their gratuities, and lodge owners who commit to supporting community needs— from healthcare and literacy to recreation, business mentorship, education and more.

The Pharmacy Field School Rotation
Which was started in 2008, brings 15 US students and professors for two weeks at a time to learn about health care in Dominica and do volunteer work in rural clinics. Prior to the trips, students collect medical supplies from US pharmacies to supplement the rural health clinics and in 2012 alone were able to donate over US$50,000 worth of medical supplies!

Open Books, Open Minds
Jungle Bay was a founding partner of Open Books, Open Minds – Leave a Book Behind. A literacy project bringing 250 books per year to hundreds of primary school students in seven schools of the southeast of Dominica. One school went from having among lowest literacy rates on the island to the highest, according to the Ministry of Education. For more information, watch the videos Libraries for Youth in Dominica and Open a book Open a mind.

Emerging Entrepreneur and Business Mentor Retreat
This is a collaborative effort of Waitukubuli Entrepreneurs Levé (WEL), Jungle Bay, Dominica Youth Business Trust and Invest Dominica, with support from additional individual and corporate sponsors, aimed at celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It provides financial benefits and help the people of Dominica’s southeast develop a range of transferable construction skills in a timely manner when local residents were forced to transition after the decline of the banana trade.
 With unemployment rates in Dominica near 25% its critical to provide business training and mentorship to young adults on the islands and to stimulate the creation of new businesses, many of which can be connected to the ecotourism industry as suppliers or service providers. To date 32 entrepreneurs are in business thanks to this innovative and important program and 123 have benefited through participation.

The House Of Hope
was developed and is now operating thanks to the generous contribution of over US$40,000 from Jungle Bay. This is a community-operated facility for indigent children and young adults with severe disabilities located in the south-east of Dominica. The Employee Community Fund along with the matching funds from Sam and Glenda Raphael, owners of Jungle Bay, provide the salaries necessary for 24- hour supervision and care of patients.

Sports and Recreation
Which are important to the development of children for fitness, community-building and to develop team skills. Jungle Bay has been contributing sports equipment to teams in villages surrounding Jungle Bay since 2006.

Southeast Entrepreneur Loan Fund (SELF)
In 2006, Jungle Bay launched the Southeast Entrepreneur Loan Fund (SELF), which allowed local entrepreneurs to borrow up to EC$12,000 each for business activities such as organic produce, seafood, local arts/ crafts production, and guiding of cultural tours and hikes that can contribute to the Jungle Bay services.

Financing High School Tuition
From 2005-2008 the Jungle Bay family committed to financing high school tuition fees for all students (200+) in the Kalinago Territory, the Caribbean’s last remaining indigenous Amerindian peoples.

Scholarship Fund
With the generous help of guests Sue McMillan & John McDonald Jungle Bay has started a scholarship fund to assist students in financing their secondary education in Dominica.

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