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Denver, CO


Green Team Academy empowers everyday people to #Be-The-Change - via teams of two or more people collaborating on climate action.

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Who We Are - We are a diverse and inclusive group of passionate, experienced, and resourceful individuals, united in our dedication to transforming your ideas and inspiration into action and results. Our philosophy is rooted in the power and wisdom of a grassroots approach to change. We understand that every place and every problem is unique, requiring a customized and targeted solution, so we work directly with the most knowledgeable people within any given community - the residents.

What We Do - Our approach is to support, inspire, encourage, and facilitate positive action at a local level. Green Team Academy has a variety of events and programs throughout the year:

Why We Do It - We believe that the residents of the community are most qualified to decide what would make their community greener and what type of organization can best accomplish that goal. We are here to help local people and organizations make that happen.


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Become a supporter!