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Game Founders for Climate 2021

By Founders Pledge


See for an active fund - the full $500k for this climate fund has been matched!

Donate today at the actively managed Climate Change Fund.

A group of game company founders matched a full $500k to a grant that goes 80% to the Founder's Pledge Climate Fund for emissions reduction and 20% to for solar radiation management. Learn more here.

A message from Kristian Segerstrale

2020 was a terrible year for most of the world. Not so much for many of us lucky enough to work in computer games.

So this year I’m launching “Game Founders for Climate 2021” to enable those of us who have benefited from the rapid growth in games to give back to help combat the most important and urgent cause in the world - climate change.

To this end I have partnered with Mikko Kodisoja (Supercell), Jussi Laakkonen (Applifier/Unity), Kevin Chou (Kabam / and others to create a $500k matching donation fund that my friends at Founders Pledge have kindly agreed to help fulfil.

I know that together we can get this climate grant to $1 million at least. Every dollar donated will count for two between now and July 17 up to a $1 million total. Please sign up here, contribute what you can, and tell your friends.

The targets for this grant are organizations I have spent a lot of time with over the past year, who I am convinced can deliver the most climate impact per dollar donated.

Founders Pledge Climate Fund: Much like a private equity fund, the Founders Pledge Climate Fund is structured to provide solution agnostic grants at the time and place where they can have the biggest situational impact on carbon emissions and carbon capture. As a company builder, I have learned that talent, timing, and leverage matters in all new ventures. The Founders Pledge Climate Fund team are exceptionally talented thinkers and doers on how to deploy funds toward emissions reduction impact most effectively globally. As an entrepreneur I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to have a plan B in case plan A fails. Silverlining has a DARPA-like model promoting research into upper atmosphere modeling, solar radiation management, marine cloud brightening and other “last resort” actions for use as a temporary measure to cool the climate in case despite our best efforts on emissions reduction we hit some unforeseen tipping point and need more time. This research is neglected but critical should we end up at the upper end of possible warming scenarios in the coming decades. Think of it as an insurance policy for the planet.

Thank you in advance for joining us in doing our part to safeguard the planet for future generations.