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A multi-media experience, Environmental Symphony: The Movement is a creative expression designed to inspire global action.

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A multi-media symphonic experience featuring a live orchestral performance, thought provoking narration, and mesmerizing synchronized visuals, Environmental Symphony: The Movement is a creative vehicle designed to inspire global action.

Join us as we embrace the captivating story of the Environmental Symphony, a passionate composition created by the legendary Dr. Alan Zavod. This live performance follows in the footsteps of beloved classics such as ‘Carnival of Animals’ and ‘Peter and the Wolf’. Immerse yourself in this epic musical journey as we watch the history of our planet unfold over billions of years – from its formation to the climate challenges of today.

Yet, amidst environmental devastation, hope remains and it is here that the Environmental Symphony: the Movement takes us on a journey of music, visuals and story-telling that merge into a singular creative exploration like no other. Join us as we activate today’s leaders for the benefit of a better tomorrow.

FAMILY OFFICES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT BACKGROUND: In response to the global pandemic, the PVBLIC Foundation - in partnership with the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (“MPTF”) and the UN Office for Partnerships (“UNOP”) - launched the Family Offices for Sustainable Development (“FOSD”).

MISSION: Mobilize family offices across the globe around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and optimize their capacity to have an impact through philanthropy, investments, and public-private partnerships.

IMPACT: As the official impact partner, FOSD will not only bring the Environmental Symphony to communities around the world, but will channel the support generated towards the most impactful institutions, campaigns, and programs that are achieving the SDGs.

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