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Empyrean Temple

Santa Rosa, CA


Empyrean is the 20th incarnation of Temple at Burning Man, a treasured part of Black Rock City and communities around the world.

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Each year, the Temple at Burning Man is built by an all-volunteer crew and financed by the community.

We believe that the Temple has had and will continue to have a profound impact on the community of people that it serves, and we are honored to work on a project that has this effect. We build the Temple for all, particularly those who can’t… and it can’t be built without your help.

The Temple at Burning Man provides a safe place for all to embrace and let go of the trauma, loss, and pain that is an inevitable part of our human existence. Every person contributes their own meaning to the Temple. All are welcome to participate, bring offerings, celebrate, create unions, offer mementos of loved ones, write messages, cry, and meditate. On the final day of Burning Man, the Temple is burned - a symbolic gesture to bring closure and healing.


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