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CIT Clinics (Combination Infusion Therapy) employs vital, supported psychedelic sessions to treat emotional and physical pain.

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Treatment room at CIT Clinics (Corte Madera, CA)

Combination Infusion Therapy (CIT) is a novel, cutting edge approach to treat emotional and physical pain. We often administer Ketamine, NAD+, and other adjunct therapies within our treatment plans.

We earmark 100% of our online donations and Sponsorship Project funds for KAP Awareness/Treatment (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy), PTSD patients, Veterans, First Responders, Health Care Workers, and Patients experiencing financial hardship.

In particular, we believe in supporting therapy and coaching both during and “on the shoulders of / or "in-between” actual infusion treatment sessions. In contrast to a “regular” Ketamine clinic, we believe that the best results and longevity of psychedelic assisted therapy is optimal with this additional support, and hence, we believe that our vision is in alignment with the ethos of

The physicians overseeing care at CIT clinics are all Board Certified. We are western-medicine trained and follow the available peer-reviewed literature whenever possible with our treatment protocols, as well as respect the ethereal and therapeutic experience during psychedelic assisted psychotherapy sessions (primarily KAP - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy). As experienced providers, our comfort level with these medications allows us to find the correct dosages for our patients. In addition, we have the emergency medications and skillset available should the need ever arise. We also utilize trained therapists and coaches for all sessions when requested by patients and subscribe to mindfulness coaching and an internal family systems therapeutic approach.

As one of the most experienced infusion clinics in the country, we have found that our evidence-based protocols combined with a highly personalized and compassionate approach often result in life-changing success for our patients. When requested, we provide counseling/coaching sessions during infusion treatments from experienced and trained personnel in addition to always having an attending anesthesia provider present.

We pride ourselves in providing truly holistic patient care and the most efficacious and compassionate treatment possible.

California, Usa

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