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Making earth-based spirituality and healing more accessible, equitable and expansive for all.

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Bridging Spirit works with communities, practitioners and individuals to make earth-based spirituality and healing more accessible, equitable and expansive for all.

Earth-based spirituality encourages us to seek healing and wisdom within our own bodies, through our connection with the natural world, and by listening to the ancestral wisdom that resides within. With this as the foundation of our spiritual practice, we learn to trust ourselves more and are able to experience our innate connection to all life, including human, plant and animal life. Some of the modalities we engage with are dreamwork, family constellation, embodiment practices, voice work, earth-based ceremony, and ancestor work.

It is no surprise the inequities that exist in our world are mirrored in our spiritual and healing communities. They manifest in a variety of ways, from programs and offerings that privilege those with wealth and resources to the unpaid and emotional labor often required of BIPOC participants in these spaces. These inequities live within a societal narrative that tells us we are separate: from one another, from our ancestors, from the earth, from our own deep knowing. We believe earth-based spirituality belongs to everyone.

We strive to make spiritual healing work available to more people in our communities. We offer programs for free. For fee-based programs, we work to offer scholarships to QTBIPOC, elders and limited income participants. We want the participants and leaders of earth-based spirituality to be more representative of the cultures these practices derive from. Through our grant program we support BIPOC participants interested in exploring earth-based spirituality and healing and emerging BIPOC practitioners committed to our mission and values. We utilize a co-teaching model to bridge communities.

As a volunteer-run organization, Bridging Spirit ensures 100% of donations and any revenue generated is reinvested directly into our mission. Additionally, a percentage of funds raised from events are donated to organizations supporting indigenous communities native to the land where those events are hosted.

Bridging Spirit is a project of Players Philanthropy Fund a Maryland charitable trust recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178, Contributions Bridging Spirit qualify as tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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