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Bluelight is an international, online, harm-reduction community committed to reducing the harms associated with drug use

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Bluelight is an international, online, harm-reduction community committed to reducing the harms associated with drug use.

Bluelight neither condemns nor condones the use of drugs. Rather, we accept that drug use will always exist irrespective of legal status or societal norms. While there is no truly safe way to use drugs, we understand that prohibition and abstinence are not realistic or desirable solutions for everyone, nor have they been adequate in addressing the serious public health concerns associated with drug use.

While there is no universal definition of drug-related harm reduction, Bluelight believes that through frank and open discussion we are able to deliver accurate information, eliminate misinformation and empower individuals to make wiser, more responsible choices. Our approach is that any idea or concern is worth raising, so that all perspectives and experiences can weigh in and help others decide for themselves what to believe, what actions to take.

Bluelight understands that drug use encompasses a broad range of behaviors, some safer than others, and that drug use can progress towards increased risk with some individuals. We encourage our community to be honest and cognizant of their drug use and understand the warning signs of abuse and addiction before they manifest.

Bluelight also hosts a robust recovery community for those seeking a way out of drug abuse and addiction. These forums invite visitors to discuss addiction and sobriety in a non-judgmental setting, share recovery resources and encourage members to seek help. We believe there are various roads to recovery, including 12-step programs such as Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous and alternatives such as SMART Recovery.

Bluelight's overarching philosophy is simple. Meet people where they are and encourage open dialogue that empowers the individual to be the primary agent of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Bluelight operates a charitable project fiscally sponsored by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Inc. (MAPS), a Section 501(c)(3) public charity (federal tax ID: 59-2751953). In accordance with federal tax requirements, MAPS exercises discretion and control over all project funds. Please make your donations for the purposes of this project directly to MAPS.

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