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With ayahuasca being used now in more than 65 countries, Ayahuasca Diaries is for both the curious and the well initiated.

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Join director Maxi Cohen in finishing Ayahuasca Diaries. It will help to heal and awaken people, honor the sacredness of plant medicines and indigenous elders, make a difference in saving our environment, and inform policy decisions in the US and internationally. 

Small or large, all donations make a difference, and they are tax-deductible through MAPS. If you’d like to use that gift to honor a friend or loved one, please consider giving over $100. Every gift above $100 will appear in the credits of the film. Contributors of $75,000 will get producing credits at the beginning if listed and at end of the film.

Ayahuasca Diaries, in a distinctive style going far beyond any film yet made, anticipates the future. How ayahuasca is used by Amazonian tribes, the on-the-ground protectors of the Amazon who are being annihilated* to scientists who have FDA approval to conceive these “plant teachers" as a medicine, the film testifies to what is mind-bogglingly humanly possible, delivers the science, calls for sacred reciprocity and shows how ayahuasca plays a role in saving the Amazon and transforming world culture.

Maxi's documentary feature films, cited for being ground breaking in form and content, have played in theaters and on television internationally. As a student/practitioner of ayahuasca for more than thirty years, she has decades of trusted relationships with ayahuasca shamans, scientists, tribes, churches, authorities and leaders.  From Shock to Awe*, which Maxi executive produced, has changed and saved many lives from suicide and has been viewed in 65 countries! 

*From Shock to Awe is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.  
"If you have an interest in psychedelics, ayahuasca, veteran affairs, or healing, take a look at this documentary. I’ve watched it 3x already and highly recommend it."  -  Tim Ferriss   
"A must-see"  -   Michael Pollan 

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