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Humanitarian organisation who has worked with millions of families in some of the poorest communities in Afghanistan since 1983.

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Fiscally sponsored by Give2Asia. Every day in Afghanistan, men, women and children are driven from their homes and lives are destroyed because of conflict and poverty. It doesn’t have to be this way. Afghanaid is an international charity that works alongside Afghans in the most remote and marginalized regions of the country to build a peaceful and a thriving Afghanistan.

Over forty years of conflict has seen lives and opportunities lost, infrastructure and livelihoods destroyed, and caused deep economic and ecological degradation. No country has suffered more or for so long.

Afghanaid knows that having financial stability is one of the most effective ways to rebuild lives and support local people to work together harmoniously to reconstruct their communities. They work with men and women across the country, providing training in vital skills so that they can get jobs or build small businesses. They also hire local people to take part in restoring or building infrastructure which is essential to long-term development and peace.

The organization is committed to supporting Afghan communities to rebuild their own lives, and increase the chances for long-term peace through economic and social development for both men and women, helping communities to help themselves.

In all of their work, they promote good governance and gender rights, and bring people from all segments of society together, especially vulnerable and marginalised groups, to form a more cohesive society that participates in the belief and practice of economic, social, and political rights, and integrated development through cooperation. Communities are viewed as partners with essential resources and values to contribute, not merely recipients of temporary relief.

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Kabul, Afghanistan
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